jueves, 27 de septiembre de 2012

Selección de artículos sobre Cloud BI (Business Intelligence en la Nube)

En dos líneas: una selección de artículos sobre Business Intelligence en la nube (Cloud BI) del prestigioso The Data Warehouse Institute (TDWI), todos ellos muy recientes y, eso si, en inglés.

Me ha parecido un conjunto muy interesante de artículos sobre el tema del Cloud BI, supongo que el hecho de que mi empresa trabaje en estos temas habrá ayudado así como el gran nivel de los autores.

Aquí os dejo los links a los artículos:
  • "2012 - Year of Cloud BI" , un párrafo: moving BI capabilities to the cloud will continue in 2012 because it is seen as an easy way to cut costs.
  • "Keeping Ahead of BI Reporting Trends" , un párrafo: had Actuate not bet on BIRT, it might -- like several of its erstwhile competitors -- now be a footnote in the annals of BI market consolidation.
  • "BI Heads to the Cloud" , un párrafo: It's no longer just about delivering a social media app, or a gaming app -- it's about leveraging the data being created by that app to better optimize user engagement, to better optimize monetization.
  • "Making BI Analytics Fun" , un párrafo: It's a question of game play: of how we can make [interacting with] BI more engaging. For example, you want to get people into the flow where they're asking questions continuously, where they're following [an analysis] from one question to another. Where questions lead to insights, and vice versa," says Farmer. "You can incorporate some [explicit] game play concepts -- scores or leader boards or achievement [metrics] -- but the most important thing is to deliver the kind of immersive experience that pulls the user in. That's the essence of good game play.
  • "Q&A: Cool BI List Includes Dashboards, Visual Discovery Tools", un párrafo: I look at visual discovery as the process of exploring your data and finding the hidden patterns. Dashboards are how you monitor things at a glance. You might present a visualization inside a dashboard, for example. When I talk about these categories, I draw them as overlapping concentric circles, a Venn diagram, because you have visual discovery products such as Tableau, which can make a dashboard, but you also have visual discovery products such as SAS JMP, which cannot make dashboards. You also have dashboard vendors such as QlikView, whose tools can be used for exploration, but which I wouldn't explicitly position as a visual discovery tool.
Sinceramente espero que estas lecturas os ayuden a reflexionar sobre el que parece el modelo en el que va a evolucionar el Business Intelligence en los próximos años.

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